Online survey as part of the Institutional QA Review-PEBL Project. University of Nairobi is one of the participating universities in the Partnership for Enhanced and Blended Learning (PEBL), a project of the Association of Commonwealth Universities under Commonwealth of learning.

The survey was well completed by the participants with 28 of 43 completing each question. There was significant diversity, representation and levels of experience / rank among staff at UNairobi.

From whatever that was discussed, blended or online learning is well entrenched at UNairobi. There is good infrastructure and the belief that most if not all students have reliable online access outside of campus bodes well for good uptake of blended learning. It also appears that learner support is quite good. Policies and guidelines were mentioned, as were several acronyms (e.g., EBSN). It would be beneficial to expand on these in the on-site review and/or that these documents be included as appendices in the on-site review. Responses also hailed from many Schools and Departments, the ODeL campus, and QA people. There was also a range of positions that responded – Deans, Heads of Department, Full Professors, Lecturers / Senior Lecturers, Officers, Coordinators, Counsellors, etc., with an estimated average tenure of 13 years at UNairobi.

This project was being undertaken by selected universities in the East Africa region and through these universities, the project has developed online courses whereby batch one of the six courses are ready. These courses include; Biochemistry, Introduction to Critical Thinking, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Information Technology Teaching Methods, Numerical Analysis, Research Methodology and Design for the business. These courses have been made available in the ODeL Website of the University of Nairobi as reference materials for both faculty and students.