Date and time: 
Tue, 12/11/2018 - 09:09
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Laico Regency

The Ag. Director, Quality Assurance during one of the sessions in the Dissemination Conference.

The Dissemination Conference held at Laico Regency on November 28 ,2018 was organized to mark the end of the Multiplier-Based Training System (MTS) project that started in 2015. The project was under the call for Partnerships in Higher Education Management under the Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Systems (DIES) funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 2015-2018. Two Universities were spearheading the project-Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) and Dresden University of Technology, Germany-TUD. The project was implemented in 5 Universities namely; Saint Paul’s University, Riara University, African Nazarene University, Kenya Methodist University and Technical University of Kenya. Other Universities were invited in the Dissemination conference for awareness creation and exploring opportunities for future involvement in such projects.


Universities under the MTS Project to show case activities and share lessons learnt in the implementation of the project.

All Universities in Kenya were expected to send at least two participants particularly those charged with coordination and improvement of university culture. The Ag. Director, Quality Assurance, Mr. Michael Wangai represented the University in the Dissemination conference.


Areas of Concern to the University

 Such projects are beneficial to the University and should in future be considered for participation.


Monitoring of University’s participation in externally generated engagements to take advantage of the resultant outputs and deliverables.

Factor in the normal budget of the University, activities for implementation of the recommendations of the MTS Project.

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Wed, 12/11/2030 - 09:09
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Mr. Michael Wangai